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A story of faith, community and success!


   In the beginning was the dream. Pastor John Williamson and his wife, Treva, opened the doors of their home dreaming of building a culturally diverse church in Central Texas--a place where all people would feel included and could sing and worship as exuberantly as they liked.  It was 2007, and there were only nine present at that first gathering. Soon they moved to a location nearby and miraculously, Pastor Williamson, with help from his fledgling flock, friends and family, built a small sanctuary. Things were improving, but the congregation yearned to be self-sufficient and to reach past their borders to help the community.


   What was the answer to make ends meet for the growing new church? The needs of the small congregation always exceeded the limited funds available. But wait--everybody knows church people can cook!  These church people were no exception--the Williamsons brought with them old family recipes for an incredible Queso Enchilada Sauce and their own all-natural Salsa. The result was dinner plates with restaurant-quality chicken enchiladas topped with amazing Queso Sauce and fresh salsa on the side. The church family already knew how the Queso Enchilada Sauce and Salsa affected them….it made them want to sing and shout!


    The entire congregation enthusiastically got involved in getting the dinner plates introduced to the public. What happened next was unexpected…people were actually begging for recipes for the Queso Enchilada Sauce and Salsa! Emails and phone calls rolled in regarding the fantastic food.  


   In response to the requests for more, the church began to package the Salsa in larger amounts and the Queso Enchilada Sauce soon followed, then a move to a commercial kitchen—Sing and Shout Foods was born! Texans are crazy for Tex-mex--especially super fresh food that is made using all-natural ingredients--not loaded with artificial colors and preservatives. And more good things to is the decades old family favorite chili mix that is superb with venison!


     Even more wonderful is the fact that Sing and Shout Foods is a nonprofit corporation and all profits go right back to benefit the community. The dream is becoming a reality! Now it is not just the church folks praising the Queso Enchilada Sauce and awesome Salsa. The local people are all singing the same song and who knows--when they see it on the shelf at H-E-B they might just shout too!


All Natural. Always Fresh.

Queso Enchilada Sauce

"Top Secret" Enchilada Recipe on Back

Chili Seasoning

Great with Venison

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