Pastor Williamson grew up in Nederland, TX the youngest son of a single mother.  When he was 16 a friend from school invited him to the Apostolic Church.  This marked the turning point of his life!  After a few years, he married Sis. Williamson and they began their family in the local church.  While raising their children, Pastor Williamson worked at a chemical plant, PD Glycol in Beaumont, TX for 18 years in a supervisory capacity. When the Lord began to deal with Pastor Williamson about starting a new work in the city of Round Rock, TX he quit his job and the family moved.  Since the move to Round Rock, Pastor has worked for an accounting firm and travels part-time helping churches maintain their tax exempt status with the IRS. Pastor has great expectations for Calvary Apostolic Church in Round Rock.  He is expecting great growth and many miracles!  He spends time with the church family in counseling, teaching Bible studies and organizing a quarterly men’s camping trip.  He love the church family! He also loves to spend time with his children and grandchildren. He loves to be outside on his tractor clearing property and working in the yard and reading. 


     Sis Williamson grew up in Nederland, TX in a wonderful family in the Apostolic faith. After she finished high school she and Pastor Williamson married and had three children. She worked in the local church and spent time sewing and doing art work and faux finishing as a hobby and a part-time occupation. After they felt the call to Round Rock the Lord began to burden her for women in the community. She started a  Ladies Bible Study for women of all faiths and held it in her home so that these ladies would have an opportunity to learn more about the Bible. She felt this knowledge would enable them to make better decisions in their lives. As the church began to grow, there were more ladies to help further the work of the Lord among women in Round Rock and beyond. In 2015 the Lord put on Sis Williamson’s heart to host a Women’s Prayer Conference. January 2016 marked the first  annual Fresh Fire Prayer Conference held at Calvary Apostolic Church. The Lord did a marvelous work at the conference and many lives were changed. Sis. Williamson is very thankful for the miracles that God performed and is very much looking forward to next year’s conference! Sis. Williamson loves spending time with her family, enjoys being outside and working in the yard, as well as developing the small choir at Calvary Apostolic Church.  She is currently trying to learn to speak Spanish.


     The Williamsons' have 3 children and 5 grand children. In 2006 the Lord blessed the Williamson family when their oldest daughter, Jacie, married Dustin Coon. The Coons have 3 sons Stetson, Ford and Lincoln and pastor Kerrville Apostolic Church. The Williamson’s son, Colter, married a wonderful girl, Lyndsie, who is a huge blessing and help in the church. Their youngest daughter Courtney also lives in Round Rock.  She has two boys, Bentley and Beckham.