If you desire a closer walk with God, we offer a few products that are sure to help!

The 52 Day Countdown is a Prayer Journal offered in both women and men’s cover. The concept for the journal is a 52 day journey to a stronger relationship with God through daily readings and journaling.

The flash drives are from our Fresh Fire Ladies conferences.

And currently the digital downloads are also from the Fresh Fire meetings.

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  1. This journal has helped me to improve my prayer life. It has encouraged me along the way I am on Day 32. I look forward to my prayer time in the mornings before work. I sit and read my journal and pray before my little one wakes up. The words of encouragement gets better and better. When I get down to pray my mind is focused on gaining a closer walk with him. I am looking forward to increasing my spiritual walk with him as well as the blessing and miracles he will do.

  2. “The prayer journal is an incredible resource to fuel your daily prayer time. I love the use of scriptures and the reminders of our dedication to always put God first, as well as the space to write down ideas and personal dedications. The scriptural truths are relevant and engaging. I love the time and passion put into each devotion. It is a blessing!”

  3. O My God, I’m thankful for my Home Church, My Pastor and His Wife, but as a wife, Mother, grandmother this opportunity given has added to me. It has boosted my direction. The journal’s journey has kept me personal with my Lord and already I’ve seen from the leading of the material a helpful understanding and now see a miracle unfolding within my family and pray Lord help me to utilize this right here at home.

  4. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Five stars!!!!
    As someone who has been raised in an Apostolic church, this Prayer Journal is a breath of fresh air! I look forward to my prayer time! The simple things that I have heard all my life, I’m putting them to use! Looking forward to answered prayers and miracles in this 52 day journey!!!!

  5. Prayer is to the spiritual man as air is to the natural man.
    That is what I was taught as a baby in Christ.
    The prayer journal and daily dedication is a great help to focus our attention in the discipline of prayer.
    I don’t have a way of expressing how grateful I am for the conference and the journal.
    Lord bless you richly for acting on the notion of the great task!
    Thank you with all that is in me.

  6. I highly recommend the purchase of this prayer journal if you are endeavoring to grow in God. It is packed and I mean PACKED with such power if we can but grasp ahold of this!!! I know this has been put together by someone who walks the walk!!! Incredible tool for your walk with God.

    I could go on and on!!

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