Pastor Williamson and Sis. Williamson were born and raised near Beaumont, TX. When Pastor Williamson felt the time was right for him to pursue full time ministry he felt that starting a brand-new work was the will of God. But where did the Lord want him to be?


     For several months the Williamsons prayed, fasted and traveled seeking after the mind of God.


     When God dropped the idea of visiting Round Rock, TX into Pastor Williamson’s heart he had never been to the city at all and knew nothing about it.


     Pastor and Sis. Williamson drove through Round Rock for the first time at night. Both of them were intimidated by the size of the town and its proximity to a big city. How would you evangelize such a place with only one family and limited resources? Maybe Cedar Park or Leander would be better…. However, the Lord had a different plan. The doors were tightly shut in all other areas. Only when they searched in Round Rock did they find an appropriate house to lease.


      On July 1, 2007 the lease was signed and the Williamsons, along with their son, Colter 17 and their daughter, Courtney 15, began holding prayer meetings in the front part of their house. Space does not permit the telling of the many miracles that God did or the many ways that He placed His sanction on the work. It is sufficient to say that from the very first prayer meeting, the Spirit of God was there and has been present in every service since.